Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

We offer a high-quality nordic sauna experience in a clean and thoughtful environment. A session provides 70 minutes of access to the sauna, during which time you can leave and re-enter the sauna freely. Most people will spend 5-15 minutes in the sauna, take a break and relax outside, (re)hydrate, and repeat. Every person will have a different tolerance and desires, and every day you’ll feel a little different – listen to your body; it’s not a competition.

Enter the unit and be greeted by your sauna guide who will check you in and, if it’s your first time, give you a quick tour and help you have the best experience possible. Store any extra clothes or items in a cubby in the foyer, change in the changing room if needed, and then enjoy pure nordic bliss!

How hot do you keep the sauna?

We keep the sauna between 160 and 200 degrees fahrenheit. The upper bench will always be the hottest area, and we have another slightly lower area for those seeking a milder experience.

How is Hearth Sauna different from other saunas?

We provide a traditional nordic sauna experience, with western red cedar lining the sauna, a wood-fired stove from Finland, and 450 pounds of sauna stones to create a beautiful enveloping heat.

We have yet to find a gym sauna that leaves us satisfied, and think you’ll understand the difference after experiencing Hearth Sauna.

Where is the sauna now, and how long will it be there?

You can currently find us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 555 Monroe Ave NW. Most of the time our sauna stays in the same location, and we try to keep a consistent schedule of sessions available for you to book. Most of our sessions are social, but we also offer private sessions (see below).

What are the health benefits of using a sauna?

Traditional saunas have many health benefits, backed by scientific data, including improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation, and lowered blood pressure. We’ll have a Science page on our website soon, so you can learn more and find further sources. Additionally, our guests have noticed better sleep quality, healthier-looking skin, less muscle soreness following workouts, and improved recovery from injuries.

We try hard on our website and in our social media to avoid unproven claims. The science backs up sauna use at the protocols we observe, and we know you’ll feel the difference too.

How do I book a session?

You can book on our website: “Book Now”, or with our app available on Android and Apple App Stores. We also accept drop-ins, but with only 10 seats available per session it’s a little risky!

Is the sauna clean?

Yes, we maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the sauna space at all times. We fully clean and dry out the unit between each session, and deep clean twice a day. The high temperatures that we maintain also naturally help disinfect.

What should I bring with me for my session?

Drinking water, a swimsuit, and 2 towels. We require clothing in the sauna, so most people wear a swimsuit – you can wear it under your clothes, or use our changing room. We ask that you bring 2 towels with you, one to sit on in the sauna and another to help you dry off afterward. And water to stay hydrated!

We have trays for your shoes and cubbies for you to store any belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items – before you leave, make sure you check that you have everything you came with (except your worries and some sweat).

What can / can’t I bring into the sauna?

Ideally, just bring in yourself (clothed in some form – most people wear swimsuits), and a towel to sit on (the bench can get hot, and this helps us keep it cleaner). Some people bring drinking water, but others just refresh in between heating periods.

The high temperature of our sauna makes it a bad place for electronics of any kind, so enjoy the silence and mental break from your devices.

Please only bring drinking water into the sauna, and be conscious of what type of container you bring in – things get hot in the sauna, so use caution and keep them low. Metal containers, bad; glass containers, better; plastic containers, best. You can drink other beverages outside, or in the foyer.

Do you offer private sessions?

Most of our sessions are public, and we believe there’s something wonderful about getting to know others in our community. We love this line from the North American Sauna Society: “Social connection, sharing with friends and feeling a part of a community, as well as the personal nature of conversation that is fostered in the sauna, all play parts in the cultural validity of group sweating that has existed in so many cultures over time.”

For a private session, you are welcome to buy up all ten seats in a regularly-scheduled session (if available), or you can contact us at for other private session options.

I have a health condition; is Hearth Sauna safe for me?

Consult with your physician if you have a heart condition or any other medical concern, before using the sauna.

Can I touch the stove?

No, please don’t, it’s very hot.

Why is everyone wearing a wool hat in a hot room? Doesn’t that make you feel hotter?

Surprisingly, sauna hats actually help protect your head from the heat! Sauna hats are common and quite useful in distributing the heat more evenly along your body, so your head doesn’t heat up quickly and force you out of the sauna before your body can enjoy the benefits of the heat.

Sauna hats are the only item we have for sale in the sauna. Because many people buy them, be sure to personalize yours with a sewn-on patch, some custom stitching, or at the very least your initials on the inside of the hat.

Do you accept cash?

No. For efficiency and safety we are cashless, but we accept most cards.

How can I proudly sport some Hearth gear?!

Shirts, hats, and other fun things are available on our website and will be mailed to you as quickly as we can make it to the post office!